Pedal Pub Tampa St. Petersburg

The Inspiration

While on vacation in 2015, our families participated in a fun and exciting large group experience where we toured the city of Nashville via our own pedal-power. The amount of enjoyment and the lasting memories that were created for our families inspired us to bring this idea from the streets of Nashville and launch it on the beautiful waterways of Florida so that others could share in this amazing experience, only this time, from the water!



So what is the Kraken Cycleboat?

The “Kraken” is a human-powered 32-foot Catamaran with a large paddlewheel in the back that can accommodate up to 15 guests. Our tour guests will sit on our 10 pedal stations situated around a rectangular mahogany bar/cooler area and pedal as if on a bike, to propel the paddlewheel, and in turn, the boat. There is also a large bench seat up front for non-pedalers or people taking turns. Our guests can stock our coolers and storage areas with any food and beverages they would like to bring aboard. We also invite you to bring your favorite playlist, as the “Kraken” is equipped with a sound system that is fully compatible with your own personal electronic devices!