Lonely Planet named Jacksonville one of the Best in Travel for 2018. 

We're pretty fortunate to launch our Kraken Cycleboat in Florida's largest city Jacksonville. Oh, and yes, the weather is always sunny in Jacksonville. What that means for you and your crew is you can expect warm days & evenings out on the water. Washing down some cold beverages, of course. Pedaling to the music you want to listen to, unless you hand the music over to Grandma Mabel. (No offense, Mabel)

Home to the Jacksonville Jaguars, this city offers a vibrant arts & restaurant scene, amazing museums, modern architecture and a world-class park system including the famous Riverwalk. Downtown Jacksonville is on fire. This is a must visit destination for any foodie & nightlife adventurer. A major reason we chose to bring the Kraken to Jacksonville was for people experience this hidden gem of the Northeastern Coast of Florida. So join us! 




Map it:

We'd love to you as our guest in Jacksonville, FL. Book your adventure and let us do the rest. If you have any questions feel free to call us at weekdays 11A-6PM:  813-603-3117