You asked for it Miami, and now you’ve got it!

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We are finally launching our incredible Kraken Cycleboat experience in the Miami Beach area! We cannot wait for you to cruise the bright blue intracoastal waters near Haulover Sandbar in the North Beach area with us.

The abundant sunshine and beautiful waterways of Miami provide the perfect opportunity to get out on the water with friends and family. Expect to pedal and float along while listening to your favorite music and indulging in your beverage of choice, all while enjoying the incredible energy that the waterways of Miami are known for.

We will be launching from the easily accessible Bill Bird Marina, and navigating the party up and down the intracoastal waterway. You can expect to cruise by the incredibly popular Haulover Sandbar, where you are sure to turn heads as you float by on the only cycleboat in Miami! As you cruise north, look down for a chance to see a dolphin or manatee, and look up to have an amazing view of the high-rise beach condos from the water. To add to the experience, we will make a halfway stop at the area's most popular sports bar, Duffy’s. Step off, stretch your legs, and grab a beverage at their outdoor poolside bar!

Trust us, there is no better way to celebrate a birthday, gather for a team-building event, or simply enjoy your weekend than to get out on the water in Miami with your friends, family, and co-workers, and engage in this incredibly fun, interactive group experience!




Map it:

We'd love to you as our guest in Miami, FL. Book your adventure and let us do the rest. If you have any questions feel free to call us seven days a week. M-F from 12-5PM, Saturday 11AM-6PM, Sunday 11AM-2PM: 
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Launching from Bill Bird Marina in Miami Beach, FL: