Hear from our fans!

You are the reason we do this. Each and every guest. It's the same reason we went into business. Bring a level of fun, adventure and relaxation to Tampa and Jacksonville that we had on our very first ride. Below are notes from various people who joined us for a CycleBoat ride. We hope you join us, too! 

I'm not a fitness nut & honestly don't enjoy exercising! However while I did help pedal a boat for two hours, it's not strenuous or over exerting, it was easy & relaxing. The trip over all left me wanting to do more trips. The whole way back I was thinking of all of the different friends I wanted to go on this trip with. I'm a Kracken Cylceboat fan for life! — S.B.
We had an absolute blast riding down the river with the Kraken Crew. Drinks were flowing, snacks were snacking and our legs were pedaling. So much fun!
Awesome experience! Awesome people! Had a few friends down to celebrate national championship weekend and signed up for this. Couldn't be more happy with that decision! They provide ice and cups. They play any music you request. The boat is the coolest thing that floats. I'll be doing this again for sure! — Korey

Fun! Fun! Fun! I would highly recommend the cycleboats experience for a couple hours of fun. This was different from anything that myself and wife has ever done while having a drink in our hands. — Randy
Had an absolute blast for my birthday this past weekend. The crew was exceptional and I truly enjoyed the experience. — Jon B

Love your posts! How does one jump into the screen and onto the boat! — Neal