It's Party Time! 

We believe you will have a memorable experience every time you step aboard our Kraken Cycleboats. And that is especially true when celebrating a special occasion with friends, family, or co-workers. So if you are in Tampa, Jacksonville, or Miami and have an upcoming birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, or holiday celebration, then gather up the troops and come experience Downtown Tampa, Miami, or Jacksonville from the water. Our parties are the perfect getaway to enjoy all things Florida. Let's Pedal. Pedal. Drink!

Party Boat Birthday Tampa Jacksonville Miami.png


Some of our favorite trips so far this year were family and friends gathered together to celebrate a birthday party. It's the one time a year where you can come together, share stories, enjoy drinks and set sail on the waterways of Tampa, Miami, or Jacksonville… Get a taste of what we offer by checking out our media page.  

Bachelorette Party Tampa


Oh boy, it's that time of year when a wedding is on the horizon. You're trying to decide where or what to do. A place where the music has you dancing, singing and celebrating. That's where we jump in. Our boat is sized to host your perfect bachelorette party. If you don't mind a great sunset, music and drinks... we think you'll walk away pretty darn happy.  

Bachelor Party Tampa Miami Jacksonville


You bring the ice cold beer, we'll bring you the boat and perfect party. Need we say more? We think not. (caution: There's a chance that one friend will insist on Nickelback being played on repeat. We'll monitor. Also, boat requires some pedaling. You can do this!)



Looking to become a legendary member of the party planning committee? Plan an unforgettable holiday party on the water for the entire office! Bring the drinks, bring the snacks, and bring that perfect holiday playlist as everyone teams up to move our boat along the Tampa Riverwalk, up and down the St. Johns River in Downtown Jacksonville, or along the beautiful bright blue waterways of Miami! With 10 pedal stations, a large bench seat for those in favor of lounging, and plenty of room to walk around, everyone will have a blast as you celebrate together out on the water! Call (813) 603-3117 for details on how to book groups from 8-32 guests!