Deals to Pedal Pedal Drink! 

SunDay FunDay 2018!

Grab your friends, grab your drinks, and enjoy some sunshine, music, and great views from the water! With our SunDay FunDay special, if you book the whole boat, we are upping our standard discount from $60 to $100! If you are booking by the seat, we will take $5 off of each of your tickets! Take advantage of this sale by purchasing your experience in April for any future Sunday cruise in 2018!

Enter Code: SunFun1 for $100 off the whole boat!

Enter Code: SunFun2 for $5 off individual tickets!

Military, Police and Firefighters

We are always grateful for those who serve our communities and country. Below is the special for all military, police and firefighters. ID required for military/police/firefighter discounts.

  •  15% off when booking by the seat
  •  Monday-Thursday Discount Code: ThankYou15WD
  •  Friday-Sunday Discount Code: ThankYou15WE

Teachers + Students

Teachers; we would like to thank you for what you do for our communities and our children. Put down your lesson plans and enjoy a fun weekend with Kraken CycleBoats!

  • 10% off when booking by the seat
  • Monday-Thursday Discount Code: Teacher10WD
  • Friday-Sunday Discount Code: Teacher10WE

With college students looking to find a break from study, we're offering a special to help ease the cost of a fun afternoon or evening on the Kraken CycleBoat. ID required to receive the student discount. 

  • 10% off when booking by the seat
  • Monday-Thursday Discount Code: Student10WD
  • Friday-Sunday Discount Code: Student10WE
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