Experience the first CycleBoats in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

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We are Kraken CycleBoats! 

And we are taking the PEDAL POWERED PUB concept to a whole new level in Tampa and St. Petersburg! Whether you call us a BOAT, call us a BIKE, or call us a PADDLE PUB, one thing you will call us is an unforgettable experience! Come aboard the “Kraken” and see the Bay Area from a whole new perspective. Florida provides both abundant sunshine and beautiful waterways, providing an exciting opportunity for you to get together with friends, family, and co-workers and engage in an incredibly fun, interactive experience that only Kraken CycleBoats can provide! 

Let's Pedal Pedal Drink!

Below you'll find a few party & event examples perfect for Kraken CycleBoats. If you have an event on the horizon, we'd love to have you. If you have any questions, feel free to call 813-603-3117. Make sure to sign your waiver before heading to the docks.

Bachelorette, bachelor & birthday parties

We've all sat back and tried to decide how to throw the perfect birthday party. Whether you're celebrating an upcoming wedding or looking ahead to a new year, come aboard and Pedal Pedal Drink!

the weekend get together

One way to make the best of your weekend is getting friends together for a day or night cruise. You bring the drinks, music and fun. We’ll take care of the rest. Hop aboard the Kraken and experience our version of the Pedal Trolley concept on the water!

company party | Team building

Every company has a day they set aside to break free of the everyday grind. With the ability to bring your own drinks and snacks and the open water at your disposal, this is the perfect way to give back to your employees. Take the day off, you deserve it!


One thing: Before you come aboard the Kraken, make sure to sign our waiver on the bottom right hand of the page. Let's get out and pedal, pedal, drink! 


Want more info?


How long is the experience? We do 2 HOUR CRUISES!

How many passengers? We can fit up to 15 PEOPLE ON BOARD. Perfect for BIRTHDAY PARTIES and TEAM BUILDING!

Is it hard to pedal? NOT AT ALL! We have 10 pedal stations, a large bench seat, and room to walk around. You can even take turns pedaling!

Can you bring your own drinks and snacks? Absolutely, bring whatever you'd like!

Do you make any stops? We have a designated 15 minute HALFWAY STOP when dockage is available (99% of time) for: Bathrooms, Food, and Beverage.

Who provides the ice? We have plenty of COOLER space and we provide ICE and CUPS!