Let's start new traditions, together.

If you are looking for fresh, fun team building ideas in the Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville areas, look no further! Kraken CycleBoats provides a unique place to gather together for a team building experience like none other! If your business or group is located in the Jacksonville, Tampa, or Miami area, we'd love to have you aboard the Kraken. Enjoy a little getaway from office life and get out on the water and work together to power our CycleBoat! 



One of the most untapped resources for a company is using team-building exercises to rally the team together. That's where we come in. What we do at Kraken Cycleboats is give you the platform (on the open water with fresh Florida breezes and sunshine) where you can set your goals for the team. Whether you include drinks or dinner, that's up to you, but most important is experiencing a different place to truly come together. 

Team Building Ideas Tampa St. Petersburg


Now, we don't want to toot our battle horn, but it's a blast once you set sail on the open water. Our aim for corporate events is to truly take your mind off of work, and allow you to let loose. When have you ever watched Pirates of the Caribbean and not wanted to jump onboard? Every single time, right! Don't worry, sucks us in every time, too. Let us show you how to throw the perfect corporate event.



One way we are changing the game is through the power of pedaling on water. If you've ever biked around Tampa, Miami, or Jacksonville, or competed in the Tour De France, we take it a step further by letting you burn some steam cruising the waterways of Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami. If you're looking to try something new, meet new friends, that's awesome... because we'd love to take you out for an adventure!