Enjoy the Kraken as it takes you down the three rivers of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

What's that you say, you're in the Midwest?! Yes we are. We are beyond excited to finally plant roots back in good ol' Indiana. This time, the Kraken Cycleboat will be in beautiful Fort Wayne. As a new business there, we'll be working with the city to help revitalize their downtown riverfront. Working hand in hand to ensure the community grows as does our business. 

Kraken Cycleboat will officially set sail on the Riverfront in 2018! And trust us, there's nothing better than being with friends and family, pedaling to music, all while enjoying the energy of the sights and sounds of downtown Fort Wayne. One feature we'll be bringing you is the option to stop along the way to both ........ (add)

A brief backstory: Fort Wayne has three rivers that played an integral part of sculpting its downtown; including the St. Marys, the St. Joseph, and the Maumee. So, after your Kraken Cycleboat adventure, go enjoy the 86 parks and nearly 90 miles of trails that weave the city. The most notable being Rivergreenway. Otherwise, the Fort Wayne community offers live music, biking and canoeing as well as amazing restaurants. We are beyond grateful to bring our cycleboat to this city, and we'd love for you to be a part of it with us! 




Map it:

We'd love to you as our guest in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Book your adventure and let us do the rest. If you have any questions feel free to call us at weekdays 11A-6PM:  813-603-3117