The Best Corporate Event in Jacksonville

So you’re in charge of planning a team event for your company knowing full well that whatever you choose will have someone complaining to you by the end of the day, right? Have you had to listen to everyone telling you how to do it better next year with their comments like, “That was boring”, “We didn’t get enough time as a group”, or even, “Been there, done that!” It’s enough to make one pull their hair out!

To make matters worse, you’re probably torn between trying to provide some fun while keeping everyone together to create the “team-building” environment that management expects. It can feel impossible to select something that will make the boss happy and all of your co-workers happy, doesn’t it? We feel your pain and we have the solution to those boring corporate events.

What if we could show you something that is fun, relaxing, and that groups – just like yours – have raved about?

Kraken Cycleboats is a pedal powered pub that can accommodate up to 16 people at one time. There are 10 pedal stations with tons of cooler space right in the middle of the bar that you can fill with your favorite drink of choice. Yes, you have to pedal to power the boat, but its extremely easy, and if you get tired you can switch with other members from your group. If the whole group gets tired or wrapped up in conversation, no worries, we DO have a motor! The Kraken crew also has you covered on music with a variety of playlists to choose from so everyone will leave with a very positive experience. Watch the video below to get a better idea of the awesome experience that Kraken Cycleboats provides!

Kraken Cycleboats provides a unique group experience in downtown Jacksonville because you can enjoy the views of the city and waterways while pedaling down the St. John’s River. This concept is similar to those pedal pubs you see around the streets, but its much easier to pedal because we don’t have hills and stop lights on the water which is a major plus! 

Are you convinced yet to book for your corporate event??? Listen to what your fellow planners who did!

5 Star Google Review : We had a great time! We rented the boat for a company party. There were 16 of us, and I can truly say everyone loved it! Captain Jason and Captain Maggie were outstanding! They were very accommodating to any requests we made and did an excellent job at making sure everyone was involved and having fun. I would highly recommend the Kraken!! - Chris

5 Star Google Review : Incredible customer service and so much fun. We had a work team building event and it was a blast. - Jack

Give us a call now so you’ll have all the answers when you present this unique and special idea to your boss. I promise….your co-workers will be thanking you!!