Cheers to the Graduating Class of 2019!

After tossing your cap into the air, hop on over and kick off your celebration aboard the KRAKEN!


We know the end of the school year can be stressful for students.. All of the studying and preparing for finals can really wear on you.

Here are some tips we have to help coping with the upcoming weeks until you reach that VICTORIOUS walk across the stage in your cap & gown:

  • Make time for others — and for enjoying the little moments

  • Do things for you.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others (really)

  • Stop & BREATHE! (Don’t forget to take regular breaks during study sessions)

  • Write out your to-do’s and tackle them one at a time.

  • Find ways to lighten the load… You may need to take some of those less important things off of your plate.

  • Practice love, compassion and forgiveness. Don’t harbor feelings of anger, resentment or jealousy.

  • Exercise! Keep the blood flowing and release those endorphins by doing a class at the gym or taking a walk with your headphones or with a friend!

  • Fuel your body! Eat some healthy meals and snacks to not only give you energy but to clear and stabilize your mind.

  • SLEEP! Not only is it important to get good rest at night, but studies show that taking a 20 min nap after studying can help your retain more information longer.

  • Even though you are relying heavily on coffee to get you through this season, try to limit the caffeine and take some of the other tips to help with the energy. Caffeine isn’t always best when dealing with anxiety.

  • Try some Aromatherapy! Lavender can help ease your mind, Peppermint oil can help with those tense and achy muscles, Frankincense is known for healing as well as has a soothing scent. Try your own oils or candles and see what best suits you!

  • Finally, BOOK YOUR KRAKEN CRUISE!! Give yourself something fun to look forward to! Let us take you out on a cruise on the water with your family and friends while you casually pedal and enjoy delicious drinks and snacks! Bring your graduation cake!

    DON’T FORGET: We offer DISCOUNTS to Teachers & Students!